Past Life Regressions\Visits

13 years experience in Higher Guidance Past Life Regressions\Visits with Energy Healings & Transformations.

Why are Energy Healings & Transformations added? Because when you visit a past life where you experienced trauma\pain\loss, you can energetically heal yourself so you are no longer carrying that trauma from that life, and of your other lives affected by your trauma from that life. Your Higher Guidance, Higher-Self, Personal Guardians and Guides usually bring past lives to your attention that are affected your life NOW, and have affected you in past lives too. YOU don’t have to re-live, repeat your trauma, negative experience from a past life ever again!


  • ArchAngel-Ascended Master Collective. Authentic Truth-Higher Mind, Higher-Self, Higher-Soul or Higher-Power.
  • Akashic Library Records with ArchAngel Metratron (ArchAngel of the Akashic Records), your Akashic Library Guardians & Guides.
  • Atlantean Hall of Records.
  • Lemurian Archives.
  • Melchitzedek Light Packets.

Common Session Goals: How do you want to change your life NOW!

  • What life\lives is\are most blocking me\negatively affecting me NOW. Keeping from my joy, happiness, wealth, abundance, relationships, highest potentials?
  • Where you’ve connected with people\places\events\situations\things in past lives.
  • What URGENT information do I need to know NOW!?
  • Where AM I blocked in a past life for forgiveness\self-forgiveness?
  • Where AM I blocked in a past life for love\self-love?
  • Where AM I blocked in a past life for wealth, money, abundance\self-abundance?
  • Where AM I blocked in a past life for health, weight loss, vitality?