Since I’ve been using (LSET) LifeChanged Self-Energy Transformation™
Zar, Since I've been using (LSET) LifeChanged Self-Energy Transformation™,  I've spent a lot less time thinking negatively, because in order to do the (LSET) , you have to suspend your regular bad thoughts and feelings in order to focus your mind on the (LSET) process. Doing the process reminds you constantly of the fact that you are responsible as well as capable of changing the problems that you currently think you have. It's difficult to think negative and positive thoughts at the same time. This has given me a lot more energy, because I am spending more time feeling hopeful and positive that I am creating the changes that I need, rather than stuck and dwelling on what's been problems for a long time, without easy solutions. I’m Feeling more positive, having better days; More positive, more hopeful; Feeling better about myself, more self esteem in general Felt more energy, feeling better creating (LSET). More positive, more hopeful. Not being irritated by roommate as much, and as deeply. Feeling better about myself, more self esteem in general. 1.       Not Smoking 2.       Being comfortable, confident, relaxed, happy with myself with strangers, other people. 3.       Finding a teaching job.