Janet D., February 25, 2015 Michael has been helping me clear up a candida over growth in my leg that was so bad at one point that the doctor said if it didn't clear up soon I would lose my leg. The candida is almost completely cleared now that I have been having sessions with Michael for the past two months. I admit I was some what of a skeptic at first.  I had never worked with any sort of holistic healer in the past. I didn't know what to expect and I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do or feel. All I knew was nothing was working that the doctor was doing, and I needed more help than she was able to give me. The more clearing Michael does, the more comfortable I feel,and the more this works. I feel lighter and more aligned and in tune with my surroundings after one of his sessions. Michael also clears my store.  For days after he has been there I have customers come in and tell me how wonderful my store feels.  They use words like: happy, light, comfortable, and relaxing to describe the feeling the store puts out. When I miss having a session with Michael because of scheduling difficulties, there is an enormous difference in the way I feel andthe way the store feels. I become lethargic and moody and the store is not as inviting to customers.  Both my store and myself need the love and joythat only Michael can bring to us. Thank you Michael for all your help.  I have learned so much from you and will always be grateful to you. I have become such a believer in Michael that I have invited him to teach classes and do clearings and angel readings at my store. Please watch Michael's web site for announcements on when these events are scheduled.